Ways to Stay Sober & Have Fun on the Fourth of July

Ways to Stay Sober & Have Fun on the Fourth of July
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With summer here and the Fourth of July on the horizon, friends and family will begin their holiday preparations. For many people, Independence Day celebrations will include alcoholic beverages, which puts any guest who is fighting alcohol addiction in a difficult situation. If you are worried about being invited or going to a Fourth of July party with alcohol being served there, a little planning right now can help you stay sober and out of trouble.

Keep these ideas and tips in mind for your Fourth of July celebrations:

  • Pick your party intentionally: One of the best ways to stay sober is to simply not be around others who are drinking. To keep yourself from feeling left out, make plans to celebrate with your friends and family who do not drink and will not serve alcohol.
  • Find fun diversions: The Fourth of July is a national favorite holiday for so many reasons that do not involve alcohol. Focus your fun and attention on what you can do at your party other than hang around the drink station. You might be able to enjoy a quick game of touch-football, roasting marshmallows by a blazing fire, and, of course, watching fireworks explode in the sky. There are probably even public events in your area with even more non-alcohol-related activities to enjoy. Be sure to look some up for your neighbor.
  • Donate your time: Homeless shelters are always looking for extra volunteers during national holidays, when people tend to get struck with the desire to give back. See if there are any local charitable events you can participate in on the Fourth. Your local city hall should know.
  • See the sights: Plan a small camping trip, or go for a day-long hike in the mountains to enjoy the beautiful scenery. As we know well at Acceptance Recovery Center in Scottsdale, nature has a wonderful way of rejuvenating us and restoring our personal focus.
  • Know when to leave: If you do happen to attend a party where alcohol is served, you need to be able to plan a way to leave if necessary. The simplest way out is just excusing yourself when uncomfortable and going. Your friends will understand, especially if they are aware of your ongoing alcohol addiction treatment.
  • Be your own host: Of course, an easy way to make certain there is no alcohol served at your Fourth of July party is being the host of it. You get to make the rules as you see fit! Make certain everyone understands that alcohol will not be served and is not allowed.

We are Here When You Need Extra Support

At Acceptance Recovery Center in Scottsdale, our alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to empowering people who are fighting alcohol addiction. If you are feeling nervous about the Fourth of July and the temptations it might cause, please give our center a call at to discuss your concerns and how we can help. With ourcustomized addiction treatment programs and shared strength, you can overcome alcohol addiction.

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