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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale

Don’t Let Shame or Fear Hold You Back from the Life-Changing Help You Need in Arizona

You are not alone in this.

It may be daunting to admit that you or someone you love is struggling due to prescription drug dependence. However, when you admit that there is a problem and reach out to Acceptance Recovery Center for help, you gain access to the personalized care, relational support, and effective treatment necessary to regain health, happiness, and a chance at a bright future. With the right support, you can learn to process your emotions and gain the tools necessary to take your life back into your own hands.

Our team at Acceptance Recovery Center is highly trained in addiction and behavioral/mental health and are here to guide you through the process and help you conquer addiction.

We can help your loved one achieve lasting sobriety. Call (844) 336-2250 today to speak to a member of our team and learn about our drug rehabilitation programs in Scottsdale.

Honesty & Fast Action Are Key When You Spot Prescription Drug Addiction

For many people, prescription drug addiction is hidden in plain sight. What starts innocently as medication provided by a doctor can quickly and easily spiral into a serious, life-threatening problem if you don’t see the signs and act quickly.

Many people allow shame and embarrassment to keep them trapped in a cycle of prescription drug addiction—but that doesn’t have to be your story. By being honest about your struggle and getting it out into the open, you take the first step toward breaking the cycle and regaining health, happiness, and longevity.

Call Acceptance Recovery Center immediately if you or someone you love is displaying these potential symptoms of prescription drug addiction:

  • Taking extra doses of a prescription medication “just in case”
  • Complaining of vague, non-specific, or made-up aches and pains in order to get an updated prescription
  • Unwillingness to consider treatment options that don’t include additional prescriptions
  • Keeping a stash of a given medication for fear of running out or being without it
  • Continually looking for ways to find or buy more of the drug
  • Continuing to take a prescription after it is no longer needed
  • Growing need to take more and more of a given medication in order to get the same level of relief
  • Noticeable decline in emotional regulation
  • Mood or personality changes

We Offer Personalized Treatment and Supportive Community

At Acceptance Recovery Center, we know that behind every drug addiction is a person. Our team understands that everyone who walks through our doors has a story and faces other challenges in addition to prescription drug dependence. That’s why we bring in knowledgeable, compassionate mental and behavioral health experts to help ensure you and your loved ones are empowered to achieve victory over addiction, both during and after our programs.

Start taking your life back today and contact us to find out which program is right for you.

A Place Where You Will Be Taken Care Of And Valued

What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “This program saved my life”

    Bob A

  • “The staff has always been available to me and totally encouraging and supportive. I thank God for them!”

    Joann F.

  • “A new experience for a better way.”


  • “Best rehab I've been to, a truly life changing experience!!”

    Brian L

  • “ARC was the place that worked for me!”

    Adam Faulkner

  • “ARC helped me confront the stranger I saw in the mirror, face my fears, embrace my pain and build a solid foundation to grow into the man I am today; proud of who I am”

    Paul K

  • “This program allows you to take an open and honest look at yourself. You will not only learn how to live life with a foundation of recovery, but how to be a better person moving forward.”

    Lewis B

  • “I came in as someone who was scared, hurt and unsure of themselves. I left a man who could earn respect and care about other people. I owe it all to ARC.”

    Pat M

  • “I left there with a true appreciation for the life, and things I have. Extremely grateful for my experience.”

    Willie R.

  • “Thank you ARC for this gift and for another chance at a better life. You have truly helped me in so many ways.”


  • “ARC gave me what I needed, not always what I wanted”

    Khristian K

  • “The staff members go above and beyond to give you the best chances of sobriety. They are loving, supportive, compassionate and firm.”

    Reid B

  • “Their program works”


  • “Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me!”

    Mardi P.

  • “I believe that the staff at ARC saved my brother’s life.”

    Christy Borjes

Why Acceptance Recovery Center ?

Here is Our Difference
  • Intimate Environment with Limited Patients

  • Alternative Options for Treatment

  • Strongly Bonded and Experienced Staff Members

  • Individualized Care in a Safe and Healing Environment