Summertime Heat Can Drive People to Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Summertime Heat Can Drive People to Drug & Alcohol Abuse
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For people all around the country, the warmer summer months are intimidating, not because of the rise in the heat but because of the rise of drug and alcohol abuse in their social circles. Many of the biggest celebrations of the year occur in the summer — like Fourth of July bashes and BBQs that attract the entire neighborhood — and substance abuse is sometimes propped up as an “acceptable norm” at such gatherings. Others intentionally avoid large parties due to drug and alcohol abuse there but still find themselves forming an addiction, such as having more and more alcohol each lazy summer night to pass the time.

Young adults are particularly susceptible to forming a dangerous drug or alcohol habit in the summer. Many who have never used such a substance may feel incredible peer pressure to do so at summertime parties, even with trusted friends. Indeed, close friends are more likely to apply peer pressure than strangers or acquaintances. The popularity of music venues in the summer makes the situation all the riskier for young adults. At nearly any concert of a music festival, there will be countless beer stands and a prevalence of marijuana use throughout the crowd, assuming harder substances are not used instead.

Rehabilitation & Holistic Approaches to Recovery

Summertime addictions to drugs and alcohol are menacing in that they do not just end when summer does. People who develop substance abuse habits due to long summer nights find themselves caught in a dangerous cycle months or years later. Thankfully, substance abuse is not an insurmountable foe. There are ways to overcome addiction with the help of Acceptance Recovery Center and our Scottsdale addiction treatment specialists.

Most of our patients appreciate a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatments. By utilizing expressive therapiesas well as yoga and meditation, you can refocus on what makes you happy and healthy, pushing away substance abuse for good. Of course, every patient who comes to us for guidance and support is respected as an individual, and every recovery program is uniquely customized. You will never be handed treatments and therapies that make you uncomfortable, or that you feel will not be beneficial to your overall physical or mental health. Your comfort and care are our first priorities.

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