Society Discourages Men from Talking About Mental Health Issues, Causing Struggles

Society Discourages Men from Talking About Mental Health Issues, Causing Struggles
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The first step in overcoming mental health issues and addiction to drugs and alcohol is acknowledging the concerns and talking about them. Unfortunately, for many men in our modern society, this makes the first step the most difficult.

There is a toxic and prevalent expectation in society for men to always be strong and never “complain” about their private problems. How many times have you been told to “man up” when something goes wrong? By not offering a compassionate ear and stripping men of the ability to vent and seek common ground, addiction and mental health issues only worsen — and dramatically so.

The Harrowing Statistics Caused by Keeping Quiet

It is believed about 10% of American men have major or diagnosable depression, but you might never know it due to the societal expectation for them to “deal with it.” An estimated 5% of men also have anxiety, and nearly every person diagnosed with schizophrenia is a man. Studies have shown that 20% of men become addicted to alcohol. Lastly, the second leading cause of death for men aged between 10 and 39 is suicide.

All of this can be traced back to not voicing mental health concerns. Bottling up emotions and pretending mountains are only molehills is extremely dangerous. Men need to be encouraged to not only speak up when they think something is wrong but to also know that there is nothing wrong with feeling wrong. Everyone has struggles, concerns, and things that make them want to cry. This is part of life, and a challenge best faced with friends loved ones, and professional help leaders who genuinely care about their clients.

At Acceptance Recovery Center, our top priority is the health and happiness of our patients. By incorporating the tried-and-true 12-step philosophy to recovery, we can personalize treatment programsfor each patient, allowing them to discover new ways to open up about their feelings, concerns, and troubling thoughts. Together, we will take the steps towards a life free of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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