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Individual & Group Therapy

Trusted Conversations Is Where Emotional Recovery Begins

Soul searching is hard. Rediscovering where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you’ve hurt is even harder. But there’s salvation in personal truth. It’s where accountability begins and acceptance is embraced.

Individual Therapy Maps the Details of Your Journey

“The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency because transparency builds trust.”

Looking Back Helps You Realize How Far You’ve Come

After you or your loved one has gone through drug or alcohol detox, the mind and the spirit are clearer. Despite the dawn of this new reality, confusion and fear can often take hold. Although it’s important to focus on your future path, looking back on the life decisions made, incidences of trauma, and other environmental factors that led you to addictive behaviors can shed light on your personal cycle of addiction. It takes a willingness to learn without judgment and own personal history.

Through deep, thought-provoking conversations with a dedicated primary therapist, patients receive the ongoing opportunity to share their innermost feelings in a trusted, safe environment. Through self-discovery with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), we identify the people, places, and trigger points that escalate negative emotions, often the precursor to self-defeating decisions and substance use.

Once patients understand their journey of the past, they can move forward with a stronger emotional skill set to conquer life’s challenges, without chemical codependency, by implementing healthy lifestyle practices.

While individualized therapy is conducted one-on-one with a primary therapist, you’re never alone during the process of addiction recovery here. You are part of a collective community of like-minded individuals who know where you’ve been and are here to support you today and tomorrow.

Primary Therapy Group

Familiarity Brings Connectivity

Primary therapy group is the anchor to a patient’s treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center. Led by the patient’s individual therapist, this intimate, gender-specific group fosters an environment where patients have the opportunity to open up about things they may not want to discuss in a larger group.

These sessions allow for reflective and transparent conversation regarding the delicate issues patients struggle with, often the underlying issues that led to their drug or alcohol addiction. A primary therapy format also creates healthy relationships within the group so that participants support one another and provide feedback. This is also the forum to confront fellow patients’ faulty belief systems while building camaraderie.

Process Groups

Experience Is Often the Greatest Teacher

Process groups are intended to provide our patients with the opportunity to process experiences, emotions, and feelings, as well as receive constructive criticism from qualified facilitators and peers. By interacting with peers who are experiencing similar difficulties and obstacles, patients are able to collaborate with one another and find the methods that work best for them. Process groups allow patients to bond with other peers, increasing their support system and boosting the chances of a successful recovery.

At Acceptance Recovery Center, our process groups were established on this progressive premise:

  • Patients intuitively possess the tools needed for their own healing and personal growth, but
  • Unable to access them due to chemical dependency, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

When patients share what’s on their minds with others, together, they process it through an invaluable support network. By holding one another accountable for their actions inside and outside of the treatment setting, it poses a level of expectation on what can happen when interacting with others once treatment has been completed.

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Psycho-Educational Groups

Testing the Waters of Recovery

With an emphasis on preparing them for a recovery lifestyle outside of treatment, psycho-educational group presents an exhaustive recovery management plan, put in place for each patient before graduation.

Daily psycho-education covers a variety of recovery-related topics, including:

  • Disease concept of addiction
  • Addiction and the brain
  • Effective communication styles
  • Family systems
  • Life management skills
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Triggers and cravings
  • Dealing with high-risk situations
  • Issues of codependency
  • Relapse prevention, and more.

These topics are carefully chosen and applied to each individual patient, ensuring our programs work with maximum effectiveness.

Therapeutic Activity Groups

Whole Healing Requires Holistic Approaches

A person can heal when given time on a daily basis to step outside oneself and quiet the mind. Ancillary treatment modalities such as yoga, meditation, recreation, expressive art therapies, music therapy, outdoor experiential therapy, equine therapy, and others are there to fulfill this patient need.

We also strongly encourage patients to engage in physical exercise several times per week during their treatment program, through a local gym membership through Acceptance Recovery Center. The mental and emotional benefits of exercise coupled with these other therapeutic activities are strongly supported by multiple scientific studies conducted on the topic.

Learn about our holistic therapies & their benefits

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“In recovery you will heal the parts of yourself that you’ve been at war with.”

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