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Our Process Groups

Facilitating Rehabilitation in Scottsdale

Process groups are intended to provide our patients with the opportunity to process experiences, emotions, and feelings, as well as receive valuable feedback from qualified facilitators and peers. By interacting with peers who are experiencing similar difficulties and obstacles, patients are able to collaborate with one another and find out which methods work best for them. Also, the group allows patients to form close bonds with other peers, thereby increasing their support system and chances of a successful recovery.

At Acceptance Recovery Center, our process groups were established on the concept that patients intuitively possess the tools needed for their own healing and personal growth, but are unable to access them due to chemical dependency, trauma, depression, and anxiety. Process group allows individuals to share what is on their minds and get outside support from peers. It is a time in which we allow patients to hold one another accountable for actions inside and outside of the treatment setting.

To learn more about our process groups and how they aid rehabilitation in Scottsdale, you can either reach us at (844) 336-2250 or contact us online.

Why Acceptance Recovery Center ?

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  • Intimate Environment with Limited Patients

  • Alternative Options for Treatment

  • Strongly Bonded and Experienced Staff Members

  • Individualized Care in a Safe and Healing Environment