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Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Phoenix

FLEXIBLE OPTIONSOutpatient Drug and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol addictions impact lives differently. The road to recovery for each individual is undoubtedly just as different. The crux of these distinctions determines what the recovery plan looks like going forward.

Sobriety is the goal. But substance abuse treatment is meant to complement how your life works, not derail it. Acceptance Recovery Center outpatient drug and alcohol rehab was designed with real life in mind.

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“Integration is a give and take.”

EXCLUSIVE THERAPIESPush Personal Boundaries

There’s comfort in the uncomfortable. It’s how our renowned doctors, psychotherapists, counselors, and holistic practitioners gently poke and prod patients’ hearts, minds, and emotions to get at the core of your pain.

If we can’t uncover the root cause for addiction it will remain a wound, unhealed. This is one of many reasons we stress the importance of trust, transparency, and establishing emotional boundaries to instill healthy self-preservation. Without it, the risk for relapse increases.

Integrative Relationships Initiate Growth

One of the many universal truths we believe in as how each of us is part of something much larger than ourselves. This not only reminds us that our individual purpose affects the greater good, but that through inner-connectivity we rediscover our potential and build inner strength.

Our drug and alcohol outpatient rehab center values the mental tenacity that comes from both individual therapy and group therapies, essential to long-term recovery. It’s what you can expect when entering into our outpatient addiction treatment program.

Our full suite of restorative therapies includes:

  • Trauma resolution
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Response (EMDR)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Primary Individual therapy
  • Primary Group therapy
  • Process Groups
  • Psycho Educational Groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Outdoor therapy
  • Animal Assisted therapy

SELECTIVE SCHEDULESMake Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab Possible

If you are looking for outpatient alcohol rehab in the phoenix area or want to get into an outpatient drug treatment program that fits into your schedule, we can accommodate your need to restore in a manner that aligns with your day-to-day.

Unparalleled Patient Therapist Ratios

Acceptance Recovery Center understands the awkwardness of the addiction treatment process and how it can impact the person in rehab as well as the family. We take sobriety seriously and our programs reflect that level of commitment. We’re looking for patients who feel the same way.

Our drug and alcohol outpatient program brings patients, dedicated to their wellbeing, together with renowned treatment experts, unshakable in their conviction to help heal you whole.

Professionals and executives tend to have a lot on their plate.

If this is you, completing an outpatient drug rehab will improve your ability to stay focused and execute employment responsibilities. Moreover, should your job include performance-based analysis to gage your success, addiction recovery and all the accoutrements we offer in our suite of therapies will support your endeavors.

Privacy and discretion are a must.

For busy moms or dads who feel as though they don’t have time to get the help needed to face and overcome substance abuse, outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in our center provides the answers. Our safe and restricted ensures that your recovery here remains a private matter. Who you choose to share it with is at your discretion.

Through careful assessment of one’s current overall health, the physical and mental, as well as reviewing personal obligations and other matters, together we can design an outpatient treatment schedule that maximizes addiction recovery while minimizing the interruptions to normal life—morning, noon, and night.

So you can get the treatment you need, continue caring for loved ones and maintaining your home.

THE GREATEST BENEFITCelebrating Sobriety

Our alcohol and drug outpatient rehab center provides each patient a long-term strategy for maintaining sobriety. Doing the hard work during treatment is good, but carrying it with you into your own life long after you complete the program is what optimal well-being is all about.

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“Truth never pleads or compromises or wavers. It invites and awaits your acceptance.”
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