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Outdoor Therapy in Scottsdale

Outdoor activities may vary due to COVID-19 and State Regulations excessive heat in Arizona for the safety of all clients and staff


Sometimes you have to step outside, to step outside yourself.

Experiencing addiction treatment and having the desire for consistent mental wellbeing come with some of the same variables. Both require a commitment to work specific methods towards achieving and maintaining wellbeing. The practice of self-love is essential, though often misunderstood.

During one’s time in an Acceptance Recovery Center program, focus on personal healing is essential to success. While this may sound selfish, much of what we teach here is selflessness. We do this through clinical therapies, as well as adjunct therapies that include holistic healing options – including outdoor therapy.


A breath of fresh air awakens the senses and the soul.

One of the important focal points in addiction recovery falls in the auspices of connecting to a higher self. While this is integral to a 12-step approach towards sobriety, this doesn’t necessarily equate to any one idea of God. Many people define this aspect as spirituality rather than religion.

Whatever your comfort level is in how you relate to the higher self, it is often found in the outdoors by being immersed in nature, away from the noise of man-made distractions and environmental toxins. Whether you find yourself overlooking a valley below, a mountaintop above, or facing the challenge of a lake before you, coexisting in outdoor spaces brings a world of fulfillment at your footsteps.

Wandering through the passages of nature can also remind us of the hardships faced over years past. And, in spite of this, like nature, we still survive and remain authentic in our unique beauty.


New horizons are found in the quietest moments.

Life has a way of overwhelming our expectations and diminishing our dreams. During active addiction, much of what was held so dear is often long forgotten. To reinstate an individual’s hopes and restore self-esteem, outdoor therapy is essential to taking time away from the daily grind, quieting the mind, and hearing yourself think, without thinking.

It may sound complicated, but the process of mindfulness is simple. It’s having the ability to turn off the past as well as the present, and focus on nothing other than what is in the present, in the moment.

Many mindfulness practices, including strategic breathing techniques, can be engaged anywhere through meditation, hiking, yoga, tai chi, and other physical fitness and outdoor sports activities. In addition to the physicality of many outdoor therapy and mindfulness exercises, there are also the mental benefits. By putting outdoor therapy to use during addiction treatment and throughout recovery, emotional intelligence and mental resilience are enhanced.

Positively Pushing Boundaries

As you or your loved one goes through the various stages of addiction recovery, there will be a-ha moments that help you understand how drug or alcohol dependency happened and what’s needed to stay clear of triggers and cravings that may promote relapse. Sure, there’s fear of the unknown as each day in sobriety can bring more questions, which can be unsettling.

The best way to overcome fear is to face it, and outdoor therapy provides the opportunity to do just that. When clients are given a chance to push through self-imposed boundaries, not only can they realize the inner strength they already possess but their innate ability to persevere whatever comes their way.

Boredom can also be a precursor to drug relapse. Getting outdoors fills idle time that might be otherwise spent in negative thought, contemplating destructive behaviors. Through outdoor therapy, clients are exposed to new places, new people, and new ideas. This opens the door to new hobbies and healthier relationships, cornerstones for sobriety success.

Keeping Emotion at Arm’s Length

In a world that can appear out-of-control, maintaining self-control is crucial to mental health and working a recovery program. Recreational activities provide the healthy outlet needed to escape a busy lifestyle and reconnect inner balance.

The takeaways from outdoor therapy can be brought into daily life, boosting the ability to focus and to gain control of the emotions. Mental agility is a day-to-day challenge as unforeseen circumstances can test our patience, giving rise to negativity. Through mindfulness, time spent in the outdoors, and exploring new points of interest with newfound people, stress reduction becomes a natural occurrence.

Outdoor therapy excursions include:

  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Fitness
  • Visiting local points of interest
  • Equine therapy
  • And more

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