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The Different Stages OfAddiction and Recovery

If there was a box that clearly defined the ways that substance abuse affected all people, addiction recovery care would be that much easier to develop, refine, and provide to each person fighting the battle of drug dependency. But addiction and recovery are personal.

In order to provide the best addiction recovery services, treatment programs must be agile enough to meet each client where they are in their journey towards recovery. Physical, mental, and spiritual health aren’t one-size-fits-all. Real recovery is found in the details that live within you.

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HOW WE MEASUREAddiction Recovery Steps

Much of what the addiction recovery process entails is in the rediscovery of self. For those who have struggled with addictive behaviors for years, spending time in addiction rehab and instances of relapse may be common and part of their recovery process. For them, uncovering the initial cause for drug or alcohol use may already be known, but finding the reasons for relapse is likely a more beneficial focus during treatment.

For one who is considering addiction treatment for the first time, the path towards sobriety will be dotted with informational stops along the way. Learning how the disease of addiction developed within, and how to navigate through life without the crutch of substance use is vital to experiencing a healthy balance and a positive outlook on life.

Although these two examples illustrate the differences in how many of our clients may arrive at our doors, the process of receiving treatment has many similarities.

Here at Acceptance Recovery Center, each client meets with our clinical team before addiction recovery care begins. We do this for a myriad of reasons, allowing for:

  • An introduction between client, their family (if wanted), and our practitioners
  • Added comfort level
  • Learned expectations about the treatment and recovery process
  • Understanding where a client is within personal addiction
  • Assessment of current state of health and medical needs, including medication-assisted treatment
  • Addressing the existence of, or potential for, mental health conditions

If active drug and alcohol use is determined at the point of entry into any of our programs, a client will start with the detox process. But before that begins, your loved one needs to own and accept that addiction has taken hold, and that treatment is a need. If you have a family member who struggles with understanding that reality, intervention may be the first in many stages of addiction recovery care needed.


There’s an integral part of the addiction process that is if often overlooked but cannot be ignored. Those closest to the person who is caught in the cycle of substance abuse are often the same people who are unknowingly feeding the drug and alcohol use. This is referred to as enabling behavior. It can be what is said or done on behalf of the person using or, in turn, what is avoided.

No matter how family, close friends or coworkers enable addiction, the repercussions can be fatal. And while it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to make someone stop using, there is an instrumental conversation that must be had between loved ones and the individuals who recklessly throw their life away on drugs and alcohol abuse.

We call this intervention. The direct line between family members’ need to address addiction with their loved one, and presenting irrefutable reasons why drug and alcohol treatment and addiction recovery are in their best interests is done through an intervention. It takes a strong will and extensive emotional strength to get past the lies, empty promises, and pleading for mercy that will undoubtedly come from the person who fears getting addiction treatment.

To increase the odds in seeing your child, parent, sibling, or significant other get the life-saving treatment deserved, it is best to seek support from a professional interventionist.

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ADDICTION RECOVERY SERVICESConnecting Clients to Wellbeing

Optimal wellness is achieved by casting a wide net of health practices that prove beneficial to the individual. Being that we are all different, the strategy to reaching whole health will differ – not only per person, but it changes over the course of time throughout addiction recovery.

To define the best approach in drug and alcohol addiction treatment is to place patient health first. What that means is a truly individualized program that aligns need with desired outcome. Our programs serve this purpose by providing treatment options that can be modified to suit each patient best, whether an individual begins their levels of care with detox, outpatient, or sober living. Each can include medication-assisted treatment, 12-Step foundational tools, family therapy and more.

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To effectively rid the body and the brain of the toxins that come from ongoing alcohol overconsumption and drug abuse, the detox process is the first phase of a comprehensive addiction recovery protocol. Although there are typical signs and symptoms that occur during detox, known as withdrawals, every person will be affected differently based on their drug or drugs of choice used, length and frequency of use, and existing health issues – mental and physical.

Though detox can be an arduous experience, the medical and clinical staff at Acceptance Recovery Center put compassion at the forefront of all client care. Detox is the most short-lived part of addiction treatment and we provide additional methodologies to help make it more comfortable and well-meaning. This includes a psychiatric nurse close at hand to address any ill-ease and administer medications when needed.

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One of the biggest concerns many clients have regarding addiction treatment is time; the time needed to complete a program. While we have found (and health industry statistics show) that extended treatment programs increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety, most people don’t have the time or resources to stay in a residential care facility. In addition, there are familial, financial, and career obligations that must be met as one’s personal life doesn’t stop when addiction treatment starts.

Our outpatient program provides the right blend of clinical and holistic therapies with the flexibility needed to take care of other life matters. Instead of addiction treatment being an encumbrance, it’s an added support mechanism that instills the necessary thought patterns, emotional responses, and life skills needed to continue to live life drug-free.

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Ensuring the Practice of Self-Care

Getting comfortable in your own skin is a personal investment that will bring many rewards. It’s a crucial part of the addiction recovery process because the crux of sobriety success relies on it. Living each day to your best, accepting the good in you and what can be improved upon is realized in what is called self-care.

The importance of self-care in addiction recovery is instrumental in learning to love oneself through the practice of enlightened self-preservation and knowing how to make better life decisions. This encompasses the ability to discern between healthy relationships and destructive ones, choosing positive environments instead of negative ones, and implementing a healthier lifestyle that includes fitness, mindfulness and proper nutrition.

Each level of care we offer is designed with the premise of self-care in mind.

Sober Living

Addiction recovery doesn’t look the same for each client. Whether you are coming to us from outside of Scottsdale, Arizona or live close by yet need an extra layer of support during outpatient treatment or upon program graduation, our sober housing residences are available.

Through sober living at Acceptance Recovery Center, clients can reintegrate back into a work/life balance while utilizing the program learned during treatment and putting it to work for them. And by living with others who are involved in the same life process, comradery is readily available from the people who already know what you’ve been through and continue to live it every day. Residents in sober living residences are an integral part of our support network and together, they help one another thrive.

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FIND ANSWERSAddiction Recovery Resources

If you’re here looking for reasons why drug addiction took hold of your loved one, the answers may be layered deep in their emotional history. Our extensive list of therapies offered, including trauma resolution, help uncover the mystery.

To better understand what you might be dealing with today, here and now, refer to our substance abuse resources. They explain specific drug dependencies, what to expect from misuse and recommendations for addiction recovery care.

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