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Professional Drug and Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Professional Intervention

With the phrase addiction treatment, many images may come to mind.

Thoughts of gaining better self-perspective, focusing on heathier lifestyles, and finding personal strength run prevalent amongst family members of those who struggle with the demons of addiction.

Unfortunately, those are the ideals we wish our loved ones would take on and own as it could lead them into wanting to overcome the disease of addiction. But how can others get the person with the problem to admit there is one in the first place, let alone express and accept the need for help?

This is where an intervention for drug and alcohol addiction with the help of Acceptance Recovery Center comes into play.

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“All progress happens outside the comfort zone.”

Intervention: The Most Important Conversation You’ll Ever Have

Awkwardness doesn’t accurately define where your relationship is with a person constantly in an altered state of reality. When drugs or alcohol is the main focus of a lifestyle, one’s ability to nurture or maintain any semblance of normalcy is minimal at best. Like many other behavioral health issues, the key to getting help is being open enough to hear the words from someone else, “You have a problem. Here’s how to face it and get past it.”

This isn’t easy for the messenger or the recipient. However, it is often the link between life and death.

The Benefits Professional Intervention Is Instrumental to Recovery

Family members and others close to a person abusing substances likely never aspired to be an interventionist. It’s a heavy responsibility, best not left to those who are emotionally attached to the one needing help. Although you are instrumental in getting your loved one into treatment, the process of intervention and its overriding success are enhanced through those who make this their life-purpose.

Acceptance Recovery Center will work with you by formulating an intervention program that puts the right people into place at the right time, for all the right reasons.

Realistic Expectations

Just as drug and alcohol addiction are recurring conditions, intervention presentations may have to be repeated before a person is ready to admit there is a problem and subsequently accept a treatment protocol.

Understand that if your loved one doesn’t accept treatment now, it doesn’t mean he or she won’t in the future. This is a fight worth fighting. Intervention is the open door to getting them there.

Our professional interventionists provide a solid, proven system built on years of experience in this aspect of behavioral health. While you may know your loved one well, we know addiction. Emotion and personal attachment manipulate the good and bad in people. This becomes apparent during an intervention.

Intervention Gives the Family the Tools They Need

We provide you guidelines, tools and tips to position yourself well before the intervention ever takes place. In addition, we alert you on how to organize financial, career, familial obligations and more on behalf of your loved one. If acceptance of drug or alcohol rehab happens, everything’s already been taken care of. If the intervention is riddled with objections and negativity from the one needing help, you and others close to them are ready with empowered responses that deflect denial and support recovery.

Intervention Opens Up the Conversation and Leads to More Honesty

The benefits of intervention to the one you care about are obvious. But there are attributes to you, family members, and those affected by their addictive behaviors as well. For the people involved in the intervention, it allows the opportunity to take time and address how the addiction has affected their lives as well.

Intervention provides everyone the chance to honestly speak their minds and hearts in a constructive yet encouraging manner. This is often the first in many healing encounters with the individual entering

into addiction treatment. Just as this disease impacts the family, so too does recovery, and why we cannot stress enough the importance of our family program.

What They Forget, You Remember

Although we prefer to initiate intervention when the individual isn’t under the influence, we realize this may be a challenge as, depending on the drug of choice, the withdrawal process can engage. Our interventionists know what to do in these instances to make the passage from intervention to detox easier.

Whether the person has recently used or in withdrawal during intervention, mental clarity is not optimal. Things will be said that can hurt. This is the addiction talking. The individual using may not remember their actions that caused you emotional or physical harm but you may never forget. Embracing forgiveness helps take the pressure off you and your loved one.

Intervention Is the Starting Point of Our Full Spectrum of Care

Setting the stage for long term recovery begins with a strategic plan that compliments the individual and meets them where they are in their personal journey towards healthier living and sobriety. A professional intervention is meant to create a nurturing yet actionable environment to move recovery forward.

To provide a seamless interaction between use and treatment, Acceptance Recovery Center brings accountability to the forefront of our programs. To help distinguish which of our treatment plans will most accurately fit you and your loved one’s needs, schedule a pre-admission conversation with any of our staff.

“Honesty is the best policy; the only way out is deeper in.”
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