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Integrated Treatment

Integrated Treatment forContinuum of Care

Overcoming addiction, like many life challenges, requires a long-term, sustained strategy. Our treatment programs are varied, catered to the individual, but no matter how long the program, recovery is meant for a lifetime. To help facilitate permanence in sobriety, Acceptance Recovery Center offers detailed, time-tested, continued care that supports those working their program as well as their families.

“We all like to believe we are completely self-sufficient, but at the end of it all, we’re all searching for a human connection.”
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Community Integration

Socialization Brings Continuity to Recovery

A key component to addiction recovery is connection. When someone is struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction, they often isolate themselves and lose touch with the world around them.

As a part of our holistic recovery process, Acceptance Recovery Center has found that our patients thrive when given the opportunity to escape from their isolation. They do this by working with other people struggling with similar issues, connecting with one another, and openly sharing their experiences. This allows for a process of self-realization, giving patients the chance to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level and find enjoyment outside of their addictions.

From 12-step meetings to volunteer opportunities, giving our patients the chance to enjoy a life of sobriety is an important component to sustained personal growth. Becoming a valuable, productive, and involved member of the community has helped countless patients overcome their addictions and adversities.

Whether you as a patient takes on a more active role assisting in supporting our various group therapy sessions or aftercare meetings, or become involved in local community outreach programs, your heartfelt contribution in time is valued. And with it, the path of positive reciprocity begins for the greater good.

Continuing Care Makes Sober Living Possible

Every Success Story Comes with a Plan

Our aftercare program helps patients continue their journey of recovery through twice-a-week outpatient care visits. This continuity of care ensures that patients remain working with their trusted recovery advisors. Because there is no break in established treatment-based relationships, this tiered-down level of care doesn’t require new therapists, procedures, or radically different expectations.

The Future Starts Now

As our patients become more familiar and comfortable with living drug-free, they acquire new skills that help them engage in healthy relationships, learn self-love and self-awareness, and better understand how to navigate through their day. The more positive behaviors are accepted and integrated, the capability to move forward beyond our doors becomes more evident and achievable.

As our programs are designed to support patient success, preparation for aftercare begins well before we tier down treatment. During the last few weeks of an individual’s program, each patient works closely with their primary therapist to assess personal progress and develop a comprehensive plan for discharge. Research shows that committing to a continuing care plan for several months to a year following treatment completion is a significant factor in continued sobriety.

Those who are able to stay in Arizona after completing treatment are invited to enroll in the Acceptance Recovery Center aftercare program. If any of our patients need to locate a sober living facility, we can assist in finding the right set up to fit their needs.

No matter where you go after successfully graduating a treatment program at Acceptance Recovery Center, know that you are a valued member of our community. As an alumni member, we look forward to staying in touch and learning of the continued progress made in your recovery.

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

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