The power of yoga contributes to Recovery by connecting Mind, Heart and Body

Yoga allows us the ability to process Disconnection and Discomfort.

In active addiction, there is a gap between the mind and the heart. Even though the brain knows drugs and alcohol are addictive the psychological pain is so great, we don’t care. Our senselessness in self-medicating with drugs and alcohol disguised the fact that there is a solution.

The Big Book, written by the founders of The Twelve Steps, emphasizes that the physical body is as important as the emotions:

“But we are sure that our bodies were sickened as well,” it says. “In our belief, any picture of the alcoholic (substitute addict) which leaves out this physical factor is incomplete.”

We demonstrate yoga and meditation at Acceptance Recovery Center, so that the recovering addict can learn to sit quietly and calm the body and mind with the breath, and experience feelings of peace and comfort. ARC yoga instructors show a series of postures that are simple enough for beginners. Yoga can offer addicts and alcoholics the skills needed to accept the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that may lead to relapse.