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Drug & Alcohol Recovery in Scottsdale

Our programs at Acceptance Recovery Center are tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. Incorporating different treatment modalities, this program has been structured to include individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, trigger detection, as well as coping skills. It is through these components that our patients will learn how drugs and alcohol have an impact on the individual that affect cognitive behaviors, family relationships, and quality of life.

The treatment professionals at Acceptance Recovery Center understand the importance of addiction and co-occurring disorder awareness. We dedicate ourselves to providing a safe and comfortable environment. We pride ourselves on helping patients and their families educate themselves and arm themselves with the tools needed to achieve long-term recovery.

Assessment Process

The Acceptance Recovery Center treatment process starts with a thorough assessment. Patients work with an intake specialist who completes a comprehensive assessment to determine needs around medical, mental/behavioral health, substance use, legal, employment, school, and relational dimensions. This process may also include a phone consultation with family members to gain additional information on how the patient’s addiction presented itself prior to them entering treatment.

Upon entering treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center, each patient will also meet with our medical director. The medical assessment includes an evaluation of physical health, analysis of medical history, addiction assessments, urine screenings, and blood screenings (if necessary). The medical director will assess whether medications may be beneficial to the patient and prescribe them if needed.

Information gained from the intake and medical assessment will be presented to clinical staff and incorporated in the development of an individual’s treatment plan.

Individualized Treatment Planning

The results of the initial assessment and the medical assessment will drive the individualized treatment plan, created by the clinical team and the patient to address the specific needs of the patient. The treatment plan will then drive all clinical interventions during the patient’s time at Acceptance Recovery Center. Each patient will be assigned an individual primary therapist who will guide them on the path to recovery. This therapist will also lead daily primary group and be the point of contact for family, providing updates throughout treatment and progress.

12-Step Based Recovery

Acceptance Recovery Center supports the use of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs. Patients are taken to meetings nightly in neighboring communities and patients are encouraged to get a sponsor within their first two weeks. We further encourage patients to meet with their sponsor weekly for the purpose of working the steps and gaining outside support for their recovery.

You can also call Acceptance Recovery Center for more information about our drug and alcohol recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and to answer any specific questions you may have at (844) 336-2250.

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What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “Acceptance Recovery Center made me stronger and helped me discover the confidence I was never aware I had”

    Emily O

  • “"Everyone at ARC gave me a real chance at life"”

    Kelly L

  • “Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me!”

    Mardi P.

  • “This program allows you to take an open and honest look at yourself. You will not only learn how to live life with a foundation of recovery, but how to be a better person moving forward.”

    Lewis B

  • “I came in as someone who was scared, hurt and unsure of themselves. I left a man who could earn respect and care about other people. I owe it all to ARC.”

    Pat M

  • “A very direct and systematic approach to recovery that makes a strong impact.”

    Dan S

  • “I believe that the staff at ARC saved my brother’s life.”

    Christy Borjes

  • “ARC was the place that worked for me!”

    Adam Faulkner

  • “We are eternally grateful for Acceptance Recovery Center. Deep down the staff is very caring and compassionate and dedicated to helping.”

    Tracey J.

  • “Thank you ARC for this gift and for another chance at a better life. You have truly helped me in so many ways.”


  • “During my time here I have learned how to process and acknowledge my emotions”

    Tiffany S

  • “The staff members go above and beyond to give you the best chances of sobriety. They are loving, supportive, compassionate and firm.”

    Reid B

  • “I have the highest respect for ARC and the passion they have for the their work. Thank you guys for all that you do!”

    Jill B.

  • “They taught me self worth and that I am able to achieve what I want in life.”
  • “The staff has always been available to me and totally encouraging and supportive. I thank God for them!”

    Joann F.

Why Acceptance Recovery Center ?

Here is Our Difference
  • Intimate Environment with Limited Patients

  • Alternative Options for Treatment

  • Strongly Bonded and Experienced Staff Members

  • Individualized Care in a Safe and Healing Environment