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Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug & AlcoholRecovery in Scottsdale

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient.

Incorporating different treatment modalities, our programs are structured to include individual and group therapies, relapse prevention, trigger detection, and teaching healthy coping skills to get past life stressors. It is through these components that patients learn how drugs and alcohol have negatively impacted cognitive behaviors, family relationships, and quality of life.

The treatment professionals at Acceptance Recovery Center have a thorough understanding of addiction and identifying co-occurring disorders that arise either before substance abuse or after long-term use. We treat others effectively in a safe and comfortable environment allowing for a more productive patient experience. We pride ourselves on helping patients and their families, through education and communication practices, achieve long-term recovery.

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“You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep re-reading the last one.”

Custom TailoredA Treatment Plan Made for You

The results of the initial and medical assessments drive the individualized treatment plan, created by the clinical team. We work in a collaborative format and include the patient in the design and scheduling of their program. To begin, each patient is assigned an individual primary therapist who will guide and support them on the path to recovery. The primary therapist will also lead a patient’s daily primary group session and be the point of contact for family, providing peace of mind and updates about their progress throughout treatment.

12-Step Based Philosophy
Acceptance Recovery Center supports the use of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs. Patients are taken to meetings nightly in neighboring communities. We also encourage each patient to get a sponsor within their first two weeks here and meet with the designated sponsor weekly. This ensures that our patients receive the outside support needed to get comfortable with the 12 Steps and know how to apply them in daily life.”

12-STEPS TO FREEDOM: Our Approach

Intake & Treatment Assessment Process

In order to design a truly personalized treatment program, we need a detailed understanding of each patient, which begins with a thorough health assessment. Our intake specialists work with each patient and their family to complete a comprehensive assessment. This provides well-rounded documentation to determine specific patient needs regarding medical and mental/behavioral health, how and when substance use began, legal issues, employment or school affected, and relational dimensions that should be addressed during treatment.

Upon entering treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center, each patient also meets with our Medical Director. An evaluation of physical health, review of medical history, addiction assessments, urine screenings, and blood screening (if necessary) are all part of the medical assessment.  Analysis of each provides the data needed to discern whether prescribing medications may be beneficial to the patient, known as medication-assisted treatment.

These assessments and recommendations will be presented to our clinical staff and incorporated in the development of every individual’s treatment plan.


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    Our approach to treatment incorporates a wide array of proven therapies and additional holistic services, complemented by 12-step integration. We are highly experienced with dual diagnosis issues.
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    We specialize in drug and alcohol use disorders and additional behavioral health issues. Our holistic approach includes an emphasis on mindfulness and spirituality.
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