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Extended Care Drug Rehab

LONG-TERM RECOVERYBegins with an Extended Care Plan

Addiction didn’t happen overnight. Why should recovery?

If you’re here searching for answers about finding the right addiction treatment for your loved one, you may notice that our philosophies about how to go about recovery differ from others. We don’t want to sugarcoat the truth.

After the body and the brain endure ongoing toxicity from drug and alcohol abuse, internal systems need to be cleansed and reset to restore healthy functionality. This is a serious undertaking. As long as you are ready, willing, and able to support your family member with this task, statistics have shown that extended care addiction treatment increases positive outcomes by minimizing the risk for relapse.

What Relapse Rates Look Like

Drug and alcohol addiction has a common denominator with other medical conditions, such as hypertension, Type 1 diabetes, and asthma — they recur. While substance addiction can effectively be managed, it is at the discretion of the person who chooses to follow the guidelines of a program to avoid recurrence.

In order to keep the disease of addiction “at bay”, following a regimen that supports a healthy lifestyle is paramount to gaining control and keeping it. But while other illnesses are solely physical in nature, addiction affects whole health: mind, body and spirit.

To restore it, a long-term approach to treatment runs parallel to sobriety success.

NIDA examined relapse rates of patients who had undergone cocaine addiction treatment from a variety of program types and lengths to learn that one year after treatment was completed,

  • 17% of those with 91+ days in treatment relapsed, while
  • 35% of those with 90 days or less in treatment relapsed.

When considering the welfare and wellbeing of your loved one, the decision on length of treatment needed is quite clear. More is better.

Client-Therapist Ratios

Acceptance Recovery Center extended care is like no other. We provide a superior level of care that begins with our treatment framework.

Individualized, personal treatment is hard to come by when you’re sharing space with 50, 70, or 100 other people in their recovery. That’s why our extended care is designed with an exceptional client-therapist ratio.

Think of this as you would with a public or private school. The more people in the classroom, the less effective the educational experience will be. To truly offer a personalized, client-centric program, a more concentrated level of attentiveness is needed. This enhances treatment efficacy and information retention, collectively supporting sobriety.

EXTENDED CAREResets Industry Standards

Stand out people stand up for others.

We hold everyone immersed in our extended care program accountable — our clients, their families, and our vetted, accredited staff. We value your time and expect others to do the same. It’s part of how we respect one another and the recovery process.

If a client is not adhering to the guidelines of the program, it often affects the progress of others. This may seem harsh but each facet of what we do and how we do it leads to the overall goal – sobriety. Anything that puts that in jeopardy isn’t overlooked, but addressed. This also lessens the risk for relapse. With so many people needing the extended care they deserve, being a part of our program is reserved for those who want to heal and are willing to put in the effort to get there.

UNIQUE THERAPIESUncover the Details of Personal Choices

“Believing and investing in yourself is the best way to shift your thinking from a paradigm of excuses to one of solutions.”

By expanding the mind and being open to new ways of thinking, dealing with the pain that resides in the soul is much more feasible. How each client can access greater awareness will differ from person to person. Through the variety of therapies offered at our Center, we provide a true, whole approach to recovery. With it, clients can experience the wellness that’s been missing due to addictive behaviors, depleting them of their joy and a world of opportunities.Extended care reconnects people with the best of themselves, while inspiring each to leap beyond the expected and realize their dreams, drug-free.

Our rich array of therapy options light the way for mental, physical, and spiritual balance. There’s nothing more gratifying that wanting to own each day, and doing it with excitement.

Rediscover the best in you, through:

THE COST OF ADDICTION RELAPSETestimony for Extended Care

The best management of our time is linked inseparably with the best utilization of our efforts.

If you were to take two friends who use together and divide them during addiction treatment, depending on where they went, the support systems they receive can be far different. With one going to drug detox or a mere 28-day treatment plan, and the other being here in our extended care program, where would each be 90 days later?

Ask a parent, a wife or husband, brother or sister, who’s seen this scenario in their loved one before and they’ll provide a gut-wrenching truth.

The longer the treatment program, the increased likelihood for success.

For the people who want to find recovery within weeks of initiating treatment, after habitually relying on substances for years, that equation towards success doesn’t add up.

Why Real Recovery Demands Extended Care

There is no quick fix for drug and alcohol addiction, though many believe that a week in drug detox will make months and years of personal toxicity disappear. Real recovery doesn’t work that way.

The first 30 days of treatment will include the detox process that engages withdrawal and the removal of physical toxins from substance abuse. As a client begins to come out of the body imbalance, mental, behavioral, and spiritual wellbeing remain in flux.

The road to whole health is lengthy and full of curves, turns, hills and valleys. Reestablishing personal boundaries, getting comfortable with feeling again, acknowledging and accepting transgressions, making amends, relearning how to life healthy, understanding how to identify and practice positivity, as well as choosing supportive relationships are learned over time.

Extended care addiction recovery provides the resources, life skills, and time needed to find healthy balance again.

“There are no shortcuts to sobriety. It takes cold sweat and warm tears. That’s when enlightenment shines through.”
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