Heroin Users Rely on Fentanyl Test Strips to Avoid Overdose

Heroin Users Rely on Fentanyl Test Strips to Avoid Overdose
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Fentanyl Test Strips May Help Prevent Opioid Overdose Among Heroin Users

Much of the heroin being sold on the streets in the United States is laced with fentanyl, a highly addictive opioid substance. When combined with other drugs or used in large amounts, it may cause respiratory distress and lead to death. Fentanyl is being blamed for thousands of overdose-related deaths in the United States, more than 70,000 of which occurred in 2017 alone.

In most cases, buyers of street drugs are unaware that fentanyl has been cut into their supply, placing them at immediate risk of addiction, overdose, and death. In order to abate the continued onslaught of overdose-related fatalities, needle-exchange outreach groups are supplying users with test strips to help them identify the presence of fentanyl and similar drugs. While these strips (which sell for $1.00 each) are gaining popularity, there is currently no conclusive research to indicate that these strips are effectively reducing the number of overdose-related deaths.

How to Avoid Overdose & Death When Using Heroin

If you are a heroin user and you are worried about the potential for fentanyl overdose, be advised that the best way to preserve your life is to get help. Fentanyl has proven to be far more dangerous than heroin, and your life may depend on your decision to reach out and access the support available to you. While tests exist that may sometimes reveal the presence of fentanyl, your supply may still be laced with other deadly substances without you knowing, meaning that the possibility for accidental overdose remains.

Heroin & Fentanyl Addiction Recovery Program in Scottsdale

Addiction to heroin and fentanyl cannot be broken without the help of experienced professionals. Do not attempt to detox or go through withdrawals on your own, as this could result in serious medical complications and death. Allow our team at Acceptance Recovery Center to come alongside you and provide the encouragement, practical support, and tools you need to overcome your addiction and regain control of your life.

If you or someone you love has a fentanyl addiction, there is no time to waste. Call Acceptance Recovery Center at to learn about our addiction recovery center in Scottsdale.

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