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Xanax Use Causes Lingering Chemical Unbalances & Harmful Withdrawals

Benzodiazepines – or benzos – are a growing concern among medical health professionals and drug rehabilitation specialists. More and more people are getting their hands on benzos either through illegal channels or prescriptions, the most popular being Xanax. In a low dosage, the drug will induce tiredness and a pseudo-state of relaxation, as well as a reduction in visual acuity. However, the concern is mainly about larger dosages and the lingering effects to a user’s body days, even weeks, later.

How Xanax Affects Your Brain

Xanax and other benzodiazepines are specifically manufactured and chemically-composed to move through your blood-brain barrier, which is a “wall” in your body that keeps toxins out of your brain. As Xanax can hurdle right over this organic “wall,” it can start modifying GABA-A receptors and neurons without anything to slow it down. In particular, as the drug starts to change these receptors with a concentration on the hippocampus, your memory and ability to stay alert of a current situation will diminish. A large dose is strong enough to cause amnesia, sudden unconsciousness, or possibly a coma.

Recreational use of a benzo is incredibly problematic as people are taking the drug without knowing anything about their current state of GABA-A receptors and hormonal balance. Doctors will prescribe a benzo when someone has a low-occurrence of responsive GABA-A receptors and a high level of adrenaline or another chemical substance in “unbalance.” People who are using the drug without a prescription are not likely to have the misbalance, and end up reacting strongly and potentially dangerously to even a low dose.

On the tail end of a dose, benzos are highly likely to cause severe withdrawal symptoms that match exactly what the drug is supposed to help alleviate. Your brain will notice the effects of the drug decreasing and attempt to make up the difference, consequently raising anxiety levels. Dependency and substance abuse can develop rapidly with benzos as a user starts to feel the withdrawals about a day or so later and reaches for another dosage to stop it.

As weeks go on, a tolerance to the substance will build, meaning more and more will need to be taken to gain the same “high.” At the same time, coming down from a larger dosage will trigger more intense withdrawals that can last weeks and weeks after the last usage. When everything is considered, your brain will be put through a rigorous and harmful course during and after benzo use.

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