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The Rise of Heroin Addiction Among Middle-Class Women

Why Are So Many American Women Becoming Addicted to Prescription Painkillers & Heroin?

Middle-class women may seem like unlikely addicts, but the ballooning rate of suburban moms who are addicted to heroin and prescription pain pills suggests otherwise. It would seem that no one, not even those fortified by nice homes, college degrees, and the comforts of suburban life are impervious to the powerfully addictive effects of habit-forming prescriptions and hard street drugs like heroin.

Heroin addiction doesn’t happen all at once, and most women don’t jump straight from sobriety to heroin addiction. Many middle-class moms who struggle with heroin addiction describe a slow progression, beginning with prescriptions for potent opioid pain relievers like Percocet, Oxycodone, and Xanax, which doctors prescribe to numb the effects of everything from back pain to PTSD. Whether coping with the pain of surgery, injury, or emotional trauma (to which women are statistically more susceptible), patients using opioids develop an increasing tolerance, requiring more and more in order to achieve the same level of relief. As a result, many women are roped into a vicious cycle of ever-increasing tolerance, doctor shopping, and experimentation with harder, more powerful drugs, such as heroin.

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Why Shame Prevents Middle-Class Women & Mothers from Seeking Help

Doctors are often quick to prescribe habit-forming medications, and when doctors become dealers, no demographic is safe from the harrowing effects of drug addiction. Once addiction sets in, achieving pain relief becomes a controlling, all-consuming pursuit, to the point that even upstanding, affluent people are willing to try highly stigmatized street drugs like heroin in order to get relief.

Despite the prevalence of addiction among suburban women in America, many who struggle with drug addiction and abuse are ashamed and embarrassed, to the point of forgoing rehabilitation and lifesaving treatment. Mothers in particular often feel the pressure to maintain an appearance of put-togetherness and remain a nurturing, active presence for their children, even though participating in a drug rehab program is best for their health and the well-being of their loved ones.

Help for Scottsdale Mothers Struggling with Heroin or Opioid Addiction

If you have developed an addiction to painkillers or street drugs like heroin, know that you don’t have to hide and you are not alone. At Acceptance Recovery Center, we have served many mothers and working women who have struggled with opioid and heroin abuse, and we are prepared to do the same for you without judgment. When you come to our drug rehab center in Scottsdale, we will make sure you are never isolated and never left without the necessary support. You can even involve your spouse and children in your healing process through family therapy if you wish to do so.

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