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Acceptance Recovery Center Features Yoga and Music Therapy

Yoga contributes to the recovery process by helping to connect the mind, body and spirit. It allows people the ability to process discomfort and to find relief from much of the pain they would otherwise carry.

Music Therapy is a powerful device that can be used to understand mood and replace self-medication tendencies by triggering positive responses to stressful situations.

Research shows the Arts contribute by bridging the space between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The principal focus is on the process, which allows an individual to realize a new awareness and meaning that might not be achieved with traditional dialogue therapy.” -Michael McGill, Co-founder of Acceptance Recover

ARC believes the additions to their program will allow therapists to work with patients in reaching deeper realms by finding their way out of the hopelessness that accompanies addiction.

Acceptance Recovery Center is a leader in the addiction treatment field both locally in Scottsdale Arizona and Nationwide.