Association for Addiction Professionals Recognizes September as Recovery Month

Association for Addiction Professionals
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The Association for Addiction Professionals, or the NAADAC as it is also called, is at the forefront of fighting drug and alcohol addictions. The organization is there to guide, support, educate, and empower more than 100,000 addiction specialists and addiction treatment professionals across the world. With the help of the NAADAC and its continued efforts, professionals can better help their patients and clients find their own strength and defeat addiction.

In order to spread awareness of addiction and how it can be challenged, the NAADAC has observed every September for the last 27 years as National Recovery Month. So many people struggling with addictions do not know that there are treatments and therapy programs in their communities that can help them. With National Recovery Month, more attention is brought to treatments, success stories, and self-empowerment.

The underlying focus of National Recovery Month is putting a spotlight on people who have overcome addiction by improving their own behavioral health. It is a celebration of success and greatness that encourages everyone around those who have succeeded to seek out treatment themselves. In order to make the greatest impact as possible, the NAADAC teams up with addiction rehabilitation centers and professionals from all corners of the globe and asks them to also spread the message of positivity, as well as the stories of recent clients who accepted their help and found a better, sober life.

Acceptance Recovery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona is proud to observe National Recovery Month and participate in its important campaign. We are here to help the people of our communities regain their footing, confidence, and self-esteem after drug and alcohol addictions knocked them down.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance addiction, please do not hesitate to call to connect with us. Our different approach to treatment utilizes fully-personalized treatment programs that incorporate the tried-and-true 12-step philosophy to recovery. Find out more now by contacting us for a free assessment.

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