American Workforce Weakened by Opioid Addiction

American Workforce Weakened by Opioid Addiction
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The opioid epidemic has been marked as one of the greatest health concerns America has faced in its history. Millions of Americans struggle with opioid addiction each day, and countless more live with addiction that has never been documented. The widespread effect of the opioid epidemic has become so monumental, recent statements from the Federal Reserve have named it an economic crisis as well, one that has significantly weakened the American workforce.

The Federal Reserve has a number of roles as a cornerstone government agency, each one concerning the economy in some way. It attempts to keep track of available jobs compared to the number of people without jobs but who would prefer employment. In the last few years, it has noticed an imbalance caused by opioid addiction.

Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman, has cited a Princeton survey that targeted working-age men and asked how often they used painkillers. According to the responses, about 44% of all men use pain medication each day, or every other day. The data corresponds to Federal Reserve findings that a significant percentage of “prime-age” men are unemployed for no clear reason, other than drug addiction. It also matches labor force participation (LFP) rate changes from 2008 to 2018. During that time, the LFP rate dropped about 3% and unemployed people not counted in the LFP rate increased 20%.

(Would you like to know more about how the opioid epidemic has negatively impacted the American economy? You can click here to read a full article from CNBC.)

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