Alcohol Awareness Month: How Alcoholism Hurts Your Family Ties

How Alcoholism Hurts Your Family Ties
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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) continues Alcohol Awareness Month, and so Acceptance Recovery Center in Scottsdale does as well with our ongoing blog series. We have focused on a few topics that related mostly to how alcoholism afflicts the drinker themselves. Today, we want to swing attention to your loved ones, who can be hurt by your alcohol addiction more than anyone.

Alcohol Addiction Undoes Marital Ties

Your spouse stands by you through thick and thin, but this does not mean they are unable to become stressed, tired, and frustrated. There are few things as trying as watching a husband or wife destroy themselves with alcoholism. Your spouse will feel obligated to bring it to an end but, ultimately, you are the one who must take control and make things right. The feeling of helplessness that follows can understandably wear down on your spouse, eventually making them question if they should stay married, or try to improve their situation with divorce.

Harming the Bonds You Have with Your Children

Perhaps no loved one is more harmed by your alcohol addiction than your children. Young children need your love and attention at all hours of the day in order to develop a healthy sense of family and self-worth. Alcohol addiction can be physically crippling, making it impossible for you to be there for playtime. Teenage children are remarkably impressionable and may begin drinking illegally behind your back if they see you drinking regularly. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that drinking at a young age greatly increases someone’s chances of being addicted to alcohol later in life.

Eroding Parental Relationships

On the other hand, if you are relatively young and struggling with alcohol addiction, your parents are probably feeling hurt by it. The knowledge that you are harming yourself through alcohol abuse can place your parents in a stressful, defeatist mindset. If you are attending or will soon attend university or college, then your parents will likely be feeling the pressure to try to combat your alcoholism for you before it disrupts your chances of securing a degree and eventually a gainful career.

Help is Only a Phone Call Away

None of this discussion is meant to make you feel ashamed or embarrassed. It is merely important to be brave and honest by acknowledging that alcoholism does hurt your family just as much as it hurts you, if not more. Throughout your recovery process, it may even be helpful to remember that you are overcoming your addiction for yourself and your loved ones.

Acceptance Recovery Center uses carefully scheduled and personally crafted treatments and residential programs to lead you down the path of alcohol addiction recovery with as little stress as possible. We know that anything is achievable when we work together, lean on each other, and keep our eyes on a brighter future. Contact our Scottsdale addiction treatment specialists today for more information.

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