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Meet Patricia Ahler, MT-BC, NCCA Accredited

Music Therapist in Scottsdale

Patricia AhlerPatricia Ahler is a Board-Certified Music Therapist who is also certified in Neurologic Music Therapy. She attended Arizona State University, where she completed her music therapy education. Patricia provides a wide variety of effective services to our patients and she especially focuses on mental health patients and addicts in community outreach environments. She spends extensive amounts of time working in recovery treatment centers in Phoenix, where she provides effective music therapy to patients in need.

Over the years, Patricia has developed an intense passion for this type of work and for helping people who truly need it. As a result, her skills as a music therapist in Scottsdale have only improved over the years. Music has not only benefited many of her patients but herself as well. The impact that music therapy has had on Patricia’s life is immeasurable and has only strengthened her commitment to helping patients in need.

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What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me!”

    Mardi P.

  • “I have worked with countless therapists, counselors and specialists and there is truly something special to be said about the therapists at ARC”


  • “I will forever be grateful to ARC for providing me with a better way!”

    John K

  • “"Everyone at ARC gave me a real chance at life"”

    Kelly L

  • “I have the highest respect for ARC and the passion they have for the their work. Thank you guys for all that you do!”

    Jill B.

  • “This experience has changed my life and my future no longer feels bleak. I feel like I've rediscovered myself, my path and my purpose.”

    Matthew D

  • “ARC was the place that worked for me!”

    Adam Faulkner

  • “ARC has given me the support, tools and time to become a person I respect.”

    Shannon S

  • “Our son is 120 days clean from Heroin”

    Debbie A

  • “ARC gave me the ability to live my life aiming to be the best I can, rather than living day-to-day in misery.”

    Danny J

  • “During my time here I have learned how to process and acknowledge my emotions”

    Tiffany S

  • “ARC gave me what I needed, not always what I wanted”

    Khristian K

  • “ARC helped me confront the stranger I saw in the mirror, face my fears, embrace my pain and build a solid foundation to grow into the man I am today; proud of who I am”

    Paul K

  • “Thank you ARC for this gift and for another chance at a better life. You have truly helped me in so many ways.”


  • “The staff has always been available to me and totally encouraging and supportive. I thank God for them!”

    Joann F.

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