I entered treatment at Acceptance Recovery Center (‘ARC’) in March 2017 after my addiction had spiraled out of control. My loved ones and I were afraid it was so severe that nothing could cure me from the disease that was slowly killing me. Thank goodness for ARC! I had received treatment from other inpatient and outpatient facilities before I entered ARC, and none of them worked for me. I remained in denial of my disease and always reverted to my alcoholic behaviors. ARC was completely different. After four months of treatment there, I left a new person. The combination of treatment at ARC – including intensive individual/group therapy and 12-step program involvement – finally enabled me to get to the root of my issues and deal with them properly. Alcohol was simply a symptom of much larger cognitive and behavioral problems. The therapists, living conditions, activities, and other patients were all wonderful. As much as I initially resisted treatment, I ended up loving my experience at ARC and was actually sad to leave. I am so grateful to be sober today and living an incredibly fulfilling life. And I owe so much of that to my experience at ARC!

— Katie S – October 2017

The therapy I received at Acceptance Recovery Center was extremely helpful. My peers and therapists holding me accountable for my actions and pointing out things that I was unable to see in myself was key to my recovery process. I was introduced to AA and working a program lead me back to fellowship, inspiration and a relationship with my higher power. The staff at ARC helped me recognize and process my emotions and alcoholic behaviors. They also helped me to realize that being an alcoholic isn’t a character flaw and it allows me the opportunity to help others as long as I am willing to be honest, open, take suggestions and put in the work to change. I am thankful for all of the help I received from the entire staff. ARC has a great program and provided me with all of the tools I need to communicate, stay sober and live a happy life.

— Adam F – August 2017

“My son went into ARC in October of 2016… today he is sober, happy, gentle and kind. They broke him down and helped him rebuild his life. I had no idea what an addict was about, and certainly not my son. But boy, did I learn what it takes away your soul, your family, your mothers heart. I know my son saved his own life, but I am going to say ARC saved my son! Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me.”

– Mardi R, Parent

The entire program at Acceptance Recovery Center was more than expected. The counseling sessions, both group and individual were extremely well done and very enlightening. My trauma therapist also helped me immensely. Also great was the ability to work one on one with the psychiatrist. I found that having a 90 days plus program was the right fit for my need to solidify my newly learned skills. I am thankful for the new life of sobriety and happiness that Acceptance Recovery Center helped me to achieve.

— Kelly H – May 2017

My experience at acceptance recovery has changed my life to say the least, when I showed up there I was a broken beat down speck of a man whose life was completely unmanageable ran by my addiction. If it wasn’t for the counselors being so passionate about their job and preparing me for the process I was about to experience I can personally say I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I have nothing but gratitude for their staff and how serious they are about this disease.

— John – November 2016

I have the highest respect for ARC and the passion they have for the their work. They definitely know what they are doing and they do it well. Addiction is a horrible thing that tears through families and they put their heart and soul into stopping the addiction and reuniting the family. Thank you guys for all that you do!

— Jill S – January 2017

Overall this was a life changing experience.

I absolutely hated it at first, but after some time I understood the method to their treatment approach. I left there with a true appreciation for the life, and the things I have. It is definitely an extremely difficult program to graduate from, but if you want to get sober as bad as you wanted drugs and alcohol, then it is really a piece of cake once you have that realization.

This place completely changed my perception of everyone and every situation I encounter. I finally surrendered to their approach and I’ve been constantly seeing the benefits of working the AA 12 step program day to day in my life.

Extremely grateful for my experience.

— William, January 2017

Do not go to acceptance recovery center if you are looking for a relaxing resort where staff bows to your every whim, coddles you and blames everything on your parents while you kick back and lay low until the wreckage of your addiction blows over.

Do go here if you are looking to learn a new way of life without drugs and alcohol, and are willing to take the big step to make a change.

The therapists can come across as very intense, as they care deeply about the clients and do not underestimate the struggle of battling an addiction.

— Asa, January 2017

Acceptance Recovery has been a godsend to our family. We recently had our family meeting with our son who has been in treatment 90 days. His therapist was brilliant in how he conducted our meeting. We all were able to express our confrontations, boundaries and affirmations towards our son and each other. Other patients were involved in the meeting to give their experiences and perspectives which was tremendously helpful to all of my children. One of the patients confided in me that this was the best facility he had been too because he finally felt like the staff their genuinely cared about him. The staff has always been available to me and totally encouraging and supportive. I thank God for them!

— Joanne Inners, Parent – September 2016

We are eternally grateful for Acceptance Recovery Center. Our daughter may not be alive today if not for the program. Although the program to an outsider might seem harsh, it is necessary for the recovery and survival of the addict. Deep down the staff is very caring and compassionate and dedicated to helping these adults get out of the darkness and refocused toward a bright future without drugs or alcohol.

— Tracey W, Parent – September 2016

I can’t say enough positive things about the facility, the program and the staff. They deserve the highest praise! It’s a tough program, and I believe that is the best chance for success for these incredible young adults who have “lost their compass” and need to focus on their future with a blueprint that ARC gives them.

— Judith M, Parent – August 2016

The staff at Acceptance Recovery Center are amazing! They are very caring and understanding. The staff relate to the challenges you face in the recovery process which helps along the way.

—DeAnna K, Family friend – July 2016