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Our Staffing Philosophy

For Rehabilitation in Scottsdale

Acceptance Recovery Center only employs experienced and qualified rehab therapists, specialists, and doctors to treat our patients. We make sure that every single staff member makes a meaningful contribution to the recovery of our patients. Medical and clinical staff members treat individuals while taking into consideration that each patient inherently possesses capabilities that, if applied, will facilitate a healthy lifestyle and lifelong sobriety.

At Acceptance Recovery Center, we take great pride in the fact that much of our clinical and support staff are members of the recovery community. Personal experience provides our staff with a unique and realistic perspective of our patients’ recovery process. This not only gives our staff credibility but also allows us to avoid potential manipulation by our patients. This experience as former “insiders” gives our staff a clearer understanding of how addiction occurs, develops, relapses, and is treated, from beginning to end. We know that there is an end to your addiction because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Let us help you find your end.

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A Place Where You Will Be Taken Care Of And Valued

What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “ARC helped me confront the stranger I saw in the mirror, face my fears, embrace my pain and build a solid foundation to grow into the man I am today; proud of who I am”

    Paul K

  • “This program allows you to take an open and honest look at yourself. You will not only learn how to live life with a foundation of recovery, but how to be a better person moving forward.”

    Lewis B

  • “We are eternally grateful for Acceptance Recovery Center. Deep down the staff is very caring and compassionate and dedicated to helping.”

    Tracey J.

  • “I came in as someone who was scared, hurt and unsure of themselves. I left a man who could earn respect and care about other people. I owe it all to ARC.”

    Pat M

  • “ARC gave me what I needed, not always what I wanted”

    Khristian K

  • “Acceptance Recovery Center made me stronger and helped me discover the confidence I was never aware I had”

    Emily O

  • “I left there with a true appreciation for the life, and things I have. Extremely grateful for my experience.”

    Willie R.

  • “During my time here I have learned how to process and acknowledge my emotions”

    Tiffany S

  • “I believe that the staff at ARC saved my brother’s life.”

    Christy Borjes

  • “Our son is 120 days clean from Heroin”

    Debbie A

  • “I will forever be grateful to ARC for providing me with a better way!”

    John K

  • “ARC has given me the support, tools and time to become a person I respect.”

    Shannon S

  • “I have the highest respect for ARC and the passion they have for the their work. Thank you guys for all that you do!”

    Jill B.

  • “ARC gave me the ability to live my life aiming to be the best I can, rather than living day-to-day in misery.”

    Danny J

  • “Never give up.”


Why Acceptance Recovery Center ?

Here is Our Difference
  • Intimate Environment with Limited Patients

  • Alternative Options for Treatment

  • Strongly Bonded and Experienced Staff Members

  • Individualized Care in a Safe and Healing Environment