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About Our Scottsdale Addiction Treatment Center


Individualized & Effective Rehabilitation in Scottsdale

Acceptance Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis rehab facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona that helps individuals struggling with substance abuse, behavioral issues, and mental health disorders. Our protocols are specialized through personally crafted programs. Patients benefit from individual and group therapies founded in evidence-based methods. These, coupled with holistic and alternative treatment approaches, create customized treatment plans designed to meet each patient’s specific needs at our Scottsdale addiction treatment center.

We recognize that specific causes of addiction vary from person to person and there is no one, single, perfect solution. Here, individual wellness plans are created by taking into account initial patient assessments and ongoing reporting, counselor observations, and medical examinations. Each treatment plan is meant to be a product of, and owned by, the individual in care.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs provide individuals with a better foundation to restart their lives without the use of drugs, alcohol, or self-defeating behaviors. To facilitate these goals best, we have developed an open-ended structure in which a patient’s length of stay is determined by their own needs and progress.

OUR MISSION LIVESWhere Our Patients Thrive

At Acceptance Recovery Center, it is our mission to provide effective drug and alcohol addiction therapy and a thorough treatment experience for our patients and their loved ones. By incorporating the 12-step philosophy with a variety of treatment approaches, we can address not only the disease but the underlying issues contributing to the addictive behaviors.

While in our care, individuals are taught to be accountable and to live a life of integrity. By learning how to identify and understand the underlying causes of their addictive behaviors, they develop and practice mindfulness techniques that provide a life-long solution for recovery.

EXPERIENCE MATTERSIn the Recovery Team We Trust

We know where you’ve been because we’ve been there before.

From the first phone call you make, or the moment you speak with one of our staff at our facility, you’ll know why we only employ seasoned and qualified rehab therapists, specialists, and doctors. Compromising on the patient experience is unheard of here. We make sure that every single staff member makes a meaningful connection and contribution to the recovery of our patients. Medical staff and clinicians treat individuals with the utmost consideration, knowing that each patient inherently possesses the necessary capabilities that, if applied, will facilitate a healthy lifestyle and lifelong sobriety.

At Acceptance Recovery Center, we take great pride in the fact that many of us are members of the recovery community. Personal experience provides us with a unique and realistic perspective of our patients’ recovery process. This not only gives our staff credibility, but ensures that potential manipulations in the recovery process attempted by our patients are identified and addressed. This experience as former “insiders” gives us first-hand knowledge of how addiction occurs, develops, relapses, and is best treated, from beginning to end. We know that there is an end to your addiction because we’ve experienced it and live sobriety well. Let us help you find addiction’s end.

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    We specialize in drug and alcohol use disorders and additional behavioral health issues. Our holistic approach includes an emphasis on mindfulness and spirituality.
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