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About Acceptance Recovery Center

Individualized & Effective Rehabilitation in Scottsdale

Acceptance Recovery Center is a dual-diagnosis facility that helps individuals struggling with substance abuse, behavioral issues, and mental health disorders. The program specializes in providing individual and group therapy as well as incorporating evidence-based methods with holistic and alternative treatment approaches to create a personalized treatment plan to meet each patient’s specific needs.

We recognize that each patient is unique and that there is not one specific cause of addiction or one perfect solution. Individual wellness plans are created by taking into account patient reporting, counselor observations, and medical examinations. Each treatment plan is a product of, and owned by, the individual in care.

Our Scottsdale drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will provide individuals with a better foundation to re-start their lives without the use of drugs, alcohol, or self-defeating behaviors. For this reason, we have developed an open-ended structure in which a patient’s length of stay is determined by their own needs and progress.

Our Mission

At Acceptance Recovery Center, it is our mission to provide effective drug and alcohol addiction therapy and a thorough treatment experience for our patients and their loved ones. Incorporating the 12-Step philosophy with a variety of treatment approaches, we can address not only the addiction but also the underlying issues contributing to the addictive behaviors.

While in our care, individuals are taught to be accountable and to live a life of integrity. Our patients are shown how to identify and understand the underlying causes of their addictive behavior and to develop mindfulness for a life-long solution.

To learn more about our rehabilitation program in Scottsdale, and how we can help you, please either call us today at (844) 336-2250 or contact us online.

A Place Where You Will Be Taken Care Of And Valued

What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “Never give up.”


  • “ARC helped me confront the stranger I saw in the mirror, face my fears, embrace my pain and build a solid foundation to grow into the man I am today; proud of who I am”

    Paul K

  • “This program allows you to take an open and honest look at yourself. You will not only learn how to live life with a foundation of recovery, but how to be a better person moving forward.”

    Lewis B

  • “Acceptance Recovery Center made me stronger and helped me discover the confidence I was never aware I had”

    Emily O

  • “I left there with a true appreciation for the life, and things I have. Extremely grateful for my experience.”

    Willie R.

  • “I have worked with countless therapists, counselors and specialists and there is truly something special to be said about the therapists at ARC”


  • “A new experience for a better way.”


  • “Thank you ARC for this gift and for another chance at a better life. You have truly helped me in so many ways.”


  • “Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me!”

    Mardi P.

  • “"Everyone at ARC gave me a real chance at life"”

    Kelly L

  • “ARC was the place that worked for me!”

    Adam Faulkner

  • “I believe that the staff at ARC saved my brother’s life.”

    Christy Borjes

  • “This experience has changed my life and my future no longer feels bleak. I feel like I've rediscovered myself, my path and my purpose.”

    Matthew D

  • “Our son is 120 days clean from Heroin”

    Debbie A

  • “Their program works”


Why Acceptance Recovery Center ?

Here is Our Difference
  • Intimate Environment with Limited Patients

  • Alternative Options for Treatment

  • Strongly Bonded and Experienced Staff Members

  • Individualized Care in a Safe and Healing Environment