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If you or your loved one is facing a serious issue with substance abuse, it can be a confusing and scary time for everyone involved. Here at Acceptance Recovery Center, our goal is to provide addiction therapy that is focused on helping people through the trauma they have experienced. We take the time to communicate with each patient and gain an understanding of how they have coped with their trauma. Our team is able to use this information to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their individual needs.

We incorporate the 12-step philosophy along with other therapy methods to provide a deeper level of healing and restoration. By using a variety of therapies and treatment options, our team is able to offer you an approach that addresses the underlying causes of addictive behaviors. Our team is here to help people pursue a life-long solution.

Meet Our Scottsdale Addiction Specialists

Here at Acceptance Recovery Center, we work closely together with each other to help ensure each person and family receives great communication and insight. That’s why we notify the family when their loved one safely arrives and we check in with the family on a weekly basis. Our team is committed to helping each person be accountable and learning how integrity can provide a better environment for themselves and those around them.

We make sure that our staff members focus on their own self-care to ensure you are receiving the best care possible. As a qualified team of professionals, we work closely together to make sure that each member understands each patient’s specific needs. We make sure our employees leave at reasonable hours throughout the work week to have the necessary time to themselves. Self-care is important to individuals treating others to ensure the best treatment possible.

A Place Where You Will Be Taken Care Of And Valued

What Our Patients Have To Say
  • “I left there with a true appreciation for the life, and things I have. Extremely grateful for my experience.”

    Willie R.

  • “We are eternally grateful for Acceptance Recovery Center. Deep down the staff is very caring and compassionate and dedicated to helping.”

    Tracey J.

  • “The staff has always been available to me and totally encouraging and supportive. I thank God for them!”

    Joann F.

  • “Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping my boy find himself and come back to me!”

    Mardi P.

  • “ARC has given me the support, tools and time to become a person I respect.”

    Shannon S

  • “"Everyone at ARC gave me a real chance at life"”

    Kelly L

  • “This program saved my life”

    Bob A

  • “ARC gave me what I needed, not always what I wanted”

    Khristian K

  • “I have the highest respect for ARC and the passion they have for the their work. Thank you guys for all that you do!”

    Jill B.

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